Matched !

Well it feels ever so covert to be telling you this so quickly but we have been matched with a child

In all honesty we were matched pre panel but couldn’t really get excited until we knew we had passed.

There is absolutely no way that I thought this would happen so quickly and as of yet I really haven’t got my head around it all – and wonder actually if I ever will??

The very first step is you receive a profile of the child and make your initial bid as to whether you’re interested (bid? Random word choice) We bid yes! (quit with the bid!)

Nothing could happen until we had passed panel. Now we are fully approved we can move forward with pace (well social services grade pace) to move towards matching panel (sure do love me a panel!)

First move is the child’s fuller report that tells you all about their background. a sobering read if ever there was one. There are people out there really struggling.

Next move is the child SW pops round to casually chat (this is such a gross under representation of the meeting!) The level of cleaning on this occasion was momentous. Our SW arrived early (unheard of) and asked us what questions we had – oh they’re just upstairs I said (lie! I had to write them as I was walking down the stairs – hazard!)

Child SW arrives, we make endless cups of tea, our SW spills hers, there’s a student sw, she’s late – dramas! Then we get more up to date child photos, I have a little sob and then we get surprisingly interrogated by the child SW – like panel all over again. The good news is she is pleased and we can crack on.

Diaries are got out and we talk in detail about the next couple of months – the nausea starts to creep at the thought of the reality – not bad – just shock I suppose that it’s finally happening!!

There are more moves. One involves us meeting the foster carers. We go to their house. I get my coffee order confused at starbucks and arrive having drunk a 3 shot latte. I’ma  little wired to say the least. This time I’d brought questions. The foster mum opened the door and hugged us and said hi mummy and daddy – I’d have cried if I wasn’t high on caffeine.

We got to hear all about child, sleeping, eating, playing – about the illness they’d had and likes and dislikes. It was amazing!

One more move explained for this post then I’ll leave it here. Our SW came round with a student SW to do matching panel paperwork and the final health and safety check. I flipping hate the health and safety check. So does our SW so she left it to the student. Who clearly was a swot and kept quoting articles at us. Apparently child needs a torch in bedroom in case of fire. Can’t walk but needs torch just in case.

Also – our medicines that I have to stretch to reach need locking up in case child grows inspector gadget type limbs. We went upstairs and I asked if she was going to go in every room. Our SW then told me to go downstairs out of the way.

I was grumpy. Then we learnt our SW was going off poorly and we were going to be left in the hands of swot girl. I thought I was ok with this – you’ll soon see the reality was quite different!


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