Planning (or not)

Today was the curve ball ‘fire in warehouse all stock gone’ message you’d get in an assessment centre. Everything is going well and then at the final hurdle there’s something thrown at you that you have to deal with.

We travelled to a new outskirts of the county town today for the planning meeting. As far as we were aware this was solely to go through the introduction timetable and then receive child paperwork such as birth certificate. So off we trot all breezy and cool.

We arrive and have a mooch round the town. 5 minutes later we’d done that and signed in to the centre we were meeting at. We had to follow the sign for social services and its funny the things that stop you in your tracks and I thought wow we are social services people now.

Anyhow, this is exactly how we were treated by the grumpy reception lady – I wanted to tell her we were one of the good guys but she wouldn’t have been interested at all.

I went for a quick loo stop – which was painted in the most hideous green and pink colour which I had considered for our lounge – not any more. No-one wants to sit back with a cuppa and think they’re in a social services bog! Lost my visitor sticker down the loo and it was here I thought it might not all be plain sailing!

Turns out foster carer had a migraine so she didn’t turn up. Her social worker turned out to be on holiday. We were left in hands of child’s social worker who isn’t very good and both Husband and I were a bit annoyed by this point. Our SW was there with her student which turned out to be a life saver. Everyone was late. This seems to be something that’s ok as nobody ever apologises.

Anyway – we went through some documents, corrected some stuff, signed some papers and then began to go through introductions. First problem is that the agency decision that was due today hasn’t arrived so we can’t meet child until we have this. As I write this we still haven’t had it – turns out the paperwork was only sent to them yesterday. I’m not sure this is really good enough to be honest.

Then introduction plans hadn’t really been thought through to accommodate us having to meet birth parents and so we tried to move a few things around but without all the people there we needed then we couldn’t agree this either.

The student tried to call the foster carer when we were there but it all got really confusing as to who could and couldn’t do what so we agreed to leave it in their hands.

Probably doesn’t sound like much but when you’re this close and things feel a little like they’re unraveling its so so so frustrating!!! Even husband was mad if that gives you an indication of how bad it was.

So here we sit, after a quick distracting trip to the pub, waiting to know whether or not we will meet our child tomorrow. Watch this space!

In other news we installed the car seat – they are supposed to wobble and move aren’t they??! We will be going to the shop tomorrow to get it checked!


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